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Site about text research by Francesc Hervada-Sala.


1. The Future of Text

Overview: what is text, past achievements and future advancements (~10 min read).

2. Symbolic Figures: From the Clay Tablet to the Text Engine

Short, non-technical presentation of my concept of text (~10 min read).

3. More Unixy Than Unix. A Text-Oriented Programmable Environment

This article reviews the design principle behind Unix and proposes a text-oriented software approach that further develops it and overcomes its limitations (~20-30 min read).

4. The Text Engine

This paper describes my software development project: the Text Engine. A programmable system built upon parsed text as universal interface (~45-60 min read).

Experimental Software

UText/1 The Universal-Text Interpreter ist a text markup and script language that I published as open source.

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  1. The Future of Text
  2. Symbolic Figures
  3. More Unixy Than Unix
  4. The Text Engine

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