I have been conducting research on text on my own for some years. I have found that a generalisation of the concept of text can be applied not only to the spoken and the written word but also to mathematics and science altogether, to computing, and to law. Although related ideas have already been formulated, I take my approach for something new in the respect that I see a promising new field of scientific and technological applications arising. The plan reads as follows: to define the text structure with a single mathematical formula to which all existing texts can be reduced, to build computer artefacts that store and process this text structure, and to apply the resulting computing resources to all scientific disciplines and practical fields. I am convinced that this would result in major advances in science and in practical purposes and could decisively help to deal with the huge challenges currently faced by mankind. I regard my research as a first step in this direction.

You can get an idea of my research with the presentation I gave at the Future of Text Symposium 2015 (10 min. video): Symbolic Figures.

Francesc Hervada-Sala (2014)
Francesc Hervada-Sala, Independent Researcher
Schöneck, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

My personal site: francesc.hervada-sala.cat

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